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The Portuguese Water Dog is a water-loving, lively but sensible, and loyal dog. They are fun, family-loving, high spirited and need daily physical and mental exercise. They require extensive training the first year to make them civilized and well behaved family members.They are excellent with children and usually get along with other dogs and pets without any problems. Portuguese Water Dogs are a breed that work with their mouth, which makes them extreme chewers and biters, so they must be supervised around children. They are house dogs who love the outdoors. They live for "HUMAN" companionship and do NOT do well being left alone. The Portuguese Water Dog breed is not for a working family.

The Portuguese Water Dog is an active, working type dog with great stamina. It needs daily physical and mental exercise, which includes a daily, long, brisk walk or jog to satisfy their migration instinct.They love to swim and there is nothing they would love more than if you threw a stick or ball in water for it to retrieve.

The Portuguese Water dog should be brushed and combed regularly. This breed is good for people with allergies as the coat sheds little to no hair and is virtually hypo-allergenic. The coat grows more slowly than that of a poodle and does not require a frequent scissoring or clipping.